The Superman Analysis 
A Sure-Fire Method To Get Your Students Excited About Practicing Technique "Super(man)" Slowly

Sometimes it can be difficult... get your students to actually WANT to spend time learning the technique behind the dance.

It can feel like a fight...

...they just want to learn a bunch of moves, and move on to the next set of moves before they even accomplish the first ones...

...while you want them to do the moves well!

When in this situation, many dance teachers do one of two things:

1. They give up on teaching technique and just try to keep their students happy.


2. They teach technique and bore their students.

It's ok...

I used to do this as well but I eventually learned...


You can have the best of both worlds!  

It's all about being creative about HOW you teach technique.

And that's why I created...
"The Superman Analysis"

I'm going to share this exact method with you in just a second.

First, let me explain exactly what I use this for and why.

I use this teaching method to do two things:
  • Improve my students (by going deep into the technique)
  • Make sure my students love my classes (by using a concept that excites them)
And as I mention in our World Class Dance Instructor Blueprint, if you accomplish these two things, you will be a badass teacher...

...maybe not an in-demand or world class instructor yet, but definitely a fantastic and loved teacher.

(NOTE: Want to learn what it takes to become an in-demand, sought-after, or world class dance instructor? You can do so with this free blueprint and video training.

So to be a badass teacher...

...just improve your students and make sure they fall in love with your classes.

That's it!

But if you miss one of these...

If you improve your students but they don't absolutely love your classes, they will probably stop taking your classes and look for something else.

And if they love your classes but they never see any improvement, they might stick around a little longer but they will probably start looking elsewhere when they eventually realize they aren't improving.

And that's why I want to give you the superman analysis, because it will ensure you...
  • Improve your students by going deep into technique
  • Make sure your students love your classes
Ok, let's see this in action...
Here's the superman analysis explained and shown during a real live class:

Want More Methods To Improve Your Teaching?

What other methods do you use to ensure your students improve &/or love your classes?

Share in the comments below!
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