Wouldn't It Be Awesome To Have 
A World Class Dance Instructor...

...to give you personal guidance...

...on how you can best fill out your blueprint and more importantly...

...to become (or remain) a top dance instructor in your field? 
Imagine having someone who'd already traveled to 231 cities and 34 countries to teach and research dance, personally helping you...

...showing you exactly how they did it so you don't have to guess what works and what doesn't...

Wouldn't that be freaking fantastic!?!
What if you could get access to the exact email process they used to constantly get hired by organizers instead of told "maybe next time"...

...and what if they showed you how they make $200 to $300 per hour while many other top instructors are making half that (and sometimes WAY less)...

How much would that be worth?

Not that money is the reason you should be doing this!!!  First and foremost, you've got to provide amazing value!!!

Don't worry: if you don't know how to provide amazing value yet, we will make sure you know exactly how to do that too!

At the same time, it's really nice to...

...never worry about making rent each month...

...and be able to afford the yummy, or healthy food instead of the cheapest options!

That'd be awesome, right?

What if you could have all this at a fraction of the cost of a private lesson...

Would you do it?
If so, I'll make you a deal...
If you'd like to know more about me and my program first, keep reading...

Hi, I'm Andrew Sutton!

I'm a passionate dancer and instructor that's traveled to over 231 cities across 34 countries to teach and research dance.

I've won plenty of championships, but more importantly...

I've had so many teaching offers, that I actually started hiring other top notch instructors to fulfill gigs around the world...

...and now, I want to help you get to that point too!
The Details

I LOVE to work with people who take immediate action...

...so I'm going to make you a ridiculously awesome offer that's only available if you take action now.

Heads up:  this is one way I segment those who are constantly seeking improvement from those who "might get to it someday".  If I decide to recommend you or work with you more intensely, it's important for me to know how quickly you take action.
You Get A Monthly Teacher Training
  • A monthly group coaching call where you can get personalized help on your latest teaching struggles (EX: getting to "yes" when emailing organizers to hire you, dealing with the "problem child" in class, having classes grow instead of dwindle, etc)
  • Working directly with one of the most well traveled dance instructors in the world ... who has helped many dancers "go pro", and many pros to get even better.
You Get Access To Our Teacher Training Vault
  • Over 100 tips to improve your teaching skills so you stay at the top of your game and avoid losing your students to less skilled instructors

Plus, if you join now, we will also give you the raw recordings of a 2 Day Teacher Training (value of $197.00) for FREE!

You Get A 2 Day Teacher Training (Value = $197.00)
  • The Minimization Technique - A surefire way to get your students to crave your classes because they know & see you have more to offer than they are currently aware of
  • An easy-to-implement, fun warmup you can immediately use to start your classes off with people having fun, while teaching them valuable lessons and seeing what level they are at, all at the same time!
  • Audio/Visual/Kinesthetic teaching...At The Same Time! - We all know it's important to teach in each of these methods but it can seriously slow your classes down UNLESS you learn to teach all three at the same time so you improve your students WAY FASTER than your competition does
  • The "Fail to Succeed" Technique that will give you the confidence to know that you are providing demonstrable value in every single class
  • Real teachers teaching real concepts!  Watch them teach, get advice, and then teach again so you can see how the advice actually makes a difference in the teaching.
  • A ton more!  Over 8 hours of content to improve your teaching!
You Get "Grandfathered In"
This means that your monthly cost will stay the same low $47 per month, for as long as you remain a member, even when the price goes up for everyone else...

...and yes, this offer is only available for the next 200 members.

So if you can see how awesome this offer is and you are ready to take action, then this offer is for you!

Or check out what some of our happy customers have said:

"I've always had good feedback about my classes but . . . after taking the Teacher Training, the feedback has been a rousing, unanimous, "please come back and teach again as soon as possible!" 

Diane Garceau
Co-Director of Night & Day Dance in Vancouver, BC

"I taught what was likely my most successful lessons last Thursday, and a lot of it had to do with incorporating things that you taught us. I saw the new people who were in the lesson really doing what I taught, and finding me for dances if I couldn't get to them."

Haven Sundstrom
Teacher/Organizer for Crossroads Blues Fusion in Eugene, OR

"I've always spoken to tension and compression in my teaching but now I'm discussing it & highlighting it in places I didn't in the past. It's super mindful work with heightened awareness. So fantastic." 

Monika Holub
12+ Years Teaching Ballroom, Country, Blues, & WCS in Edmonton, Alberta
Join "Teachers Learning Monthly" (Just $47 Month) And
Get A $197.00 Teacher Training For FREE!
  • Get more students in your classes with proven methods for attracting customers and making them raving fans
  • Make your classes more enjoyable so your students keep coming back for many years to come
  • Get more teaching gigs so you increase your presence and credibility
  • Get paid more for the teaching gigs you currently do so you can cover your expenses and live a healthy, wealthy, happy life
  • Have more confidence that comes from knowing you are taking steps to improve your teaching (not just your dancing), which puts you "ahead of the pack"
  • 24/7 access from any mobile device
  • 60-day "Steal My Stuff" money back guarantee. No matter the reason.
You will get immediate access to the teacher training vault, and our 2 Day Teacher Training, which you can access from any mobile device, so you can improve your teaching, anytime, anywhere!

Andrew Sutton - Instructor

Andrew's life mission is to provide the world with the most effective and fun ways to have more amazing dances. To accomplish this, he teaches & researches dance in 231+ cities in 34 countries with many of the best dancers and teachers in the world. Use Teachers Learning to get his favorite, hard-to-find, techniques that UNIVERSALLY improve your student's dancing & get you more (and higher paying) gigs because you deserve them!
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*Get this $197.00 Teacher Training for FREE when you subscribe to our teacher training vault with over 100 tips to improve your teaching. It's just $47 now, and then $47 each month until you cancel. Your information is secure and will not be shared.

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